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Friday, October 9, 2009

Frantic Friday

Strong Southeast winds overnight

Been busy today. Up in the dark when its quiet to do the last read of my four stories on Port Davey. That's in the remote southwest of Tasmania. World Heritage. Its either a five day walk through virgin forests, or come in by boat, which is what we did. Day-trippers fly in from Hobart. We had a magic time exploring Nature and the past. Aborigines lived there for something like 30,000 years. Of course the first white settlers wiped them all out in just a few short generations then took whatever timber they could float down the rivers. Today its almost deserted.

My oldest son with wife and three small children left for Sydney this afternoon. He's competing in the world masters championships sailing a Hobie cat 16 with his brother. It's Jerome's Hobie cat. He's the skipper and real champion. He'll be starting early tomorrow towing the Hobie the 747 km down the highway.

That's enough for now, think I'll do a mild workout, get the blood pumping, talk more later

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