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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hike round Perpendicular Point ~ 19 December 2009

The sharp cliffs of Perpendicular Point jut out to sea from the centre of the Kattang Nature Reserve. Filling the backdrop behind it is the North Brother Mountain, with the lovely blue waters of Camden Haven adding extra zest and colour. Inside the reserve, small pockets of rainforest are dominated by flowering coastal heathland.

We left Banyandah just a few hours after dawn. Jude and I first hitched a ride with a local boatie to the Dunbogan boatshed and marina, where we  wandered about the boats and took a few photos before sticking our thumbs out a second time. Ten minutes later, another friendly local lad coming back from a morning of garage sales, dropped us at the parks entrance. And from there, we were ready for a walk taking in the lovely sights.

A picture perfect morning, with a rather powerful swell livening up the dreamy seascapes, and making it all the more dramatic, a lone humpback whale followed by a friendly pod of porpoise frolicking round the calm river mouth.

The rock formations were astounding in that they are a matrix of sandstone under a conglomerate containing heaps of smooth red rock, with reddish layers of sedimentary rock on top.

After our walk, while eating lunch taking in the view north, a local drop by to added its lively colours to our day.

It has been fairly hectic here at Camden Haven with socials at the club and on other boats, our climb up North Brother and walk to the point. And so, we're now looking forward to a relaxing overnight sail to Port Stephens, where we'll celebrate Christmas with family before heading further south to Tasmania. Ciao for now.

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