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Sunday, March 28, 2010

FLASH !! New World Record

Strahan, Macquarie Harbour, Tasmania.  Sunday 28 March 2010

This morning a new world record of 114 skiers was set - trouncing the old record of 100 set 5 years ago. In chilly water barely reaching 13.5 C, 124 brave, determined skiers held on for the required one Nautical mile after an earlier attempt ended in failure with only 97 skiers.

Beginning Friday evening with the arrival of a huge crane and alloy booms; two measuring close to thirty metres in length, an army of volunteers first assembled the booms and support tower then lifted all onto the back end of the local powercat "Eagle" who daily does a Gordon River tour.

At daybreak Saturday, Eagle maneuvered precisely out the tiny dock area with her cargo now making her nearly 70 metres wide! Jude and I joined Stormbreaker to observe the attempt and although conditions were calm, a lump of skiers fell in a domino effect, taking those standing to less than the existing record. A second try scheduled for that Saturday afternoon was called off when sea-breezes raised too much slop.

At daybreak this morning, Eagle was refitted with her lengthy booms, and the skiers assembled again on main beach. Ideal conditions held as the organizers gave their last minute encouragement. "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi Oi Oi! Tasmania! Yes!"

This time everything went smoothly. Surrounded by a fleet of rescue craft, observers, and two noisy helicopters whooshing about, the skiers made the line to a rousing loud cheer.

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