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Saturday, December 11, 2010

As if busy bees

Banyandah on "Goliath"

Buzz, buzz, you can almost hear the Tujays beehive swarming with activity. Jack and Jude are flitting this way and that, busily finishing off hundreds of chores necessary to get Banyandah ready for sea.

Looking shipshape back in her berth

After relaunching her last Monday, a 5 AM start to met the high tide needed to re-float her, Jude has been swarming up and down supermarket aisles filling shopping trolleys with six months of provisions. Meanwhile Jack has been up and down the mast acting like a yo-yo trying to fit the new running backstays. Ugh! why can't these things fit the first time!

 We took a midweek break and stayed overnight at friends living in the hills on the south side of the city, Brisk forest air and the sounds of birds chortling were a very welcome change from the heat and buzz of mosquitoes that fill the air around Garden Island marina.
Jacki & Wanda show us a historical building
The original settlers, farmer and butcher

Jude peeks out from our RFD SeaSaver six man life raft
 On the way home, we stopped to pick up our life raft that had been in for a service. It was the first time we have seen it outside its hard case and wow, it looked absolutely brand spanking new even though its nearly ten years old. We like to see these life saving devices inflated so we can familiarize ourselves with how to board it, and where the essential equipment will be found. Hopefully it'll never be needed, but if it is, you can bet it'll be a highly stressed time, maybe a dark night with high winds and big seas, so it's wise to have some idea of what to expect.

Boarding ladder, and sea drogues that help keep the raft upright

medicines, water, food, flares

CO2 inflation cylinder

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