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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Garden Island Paradise

A heart-felt BIG thank you to all members of the wonderful Garden Island Yacht Club for your splendid hospitality during our winter lay-over in South Australian waters.

This small cozy club doesn't set out to make profit from folks addicted to the sea. Their motto of 'make it happen, make it fun and make it cost effective' exemplifies the true spirit of the cruising yachtie. They do their own work and have so many fun nights round the barbie while chipping in with labor and/or kind whenever something needs to be done. They set the bar where all clubs should aim - Two bucks for an excellent glass of red!
Always a good chuckle round the bar

Mooring master John

Colin and Siti "Shazzann"

Social director Linda
Love is in the air

Bob, Kerry, Annalyce, Marcus on Curraweene

Mick & Deb to be wed!

The lovely Inara

The Tujays on board Banyandah highly recommend a stopover for any yachts thinking of coming to Adelaide.
John and Bob contemplating

And to the GIYC Committee, our special thanks for making all our dreams come true.  

Banyandah was so well looked after that you'd better keep an eye open down channel 
because we'll be back

Now, where to put all this STUFF

Getting ready for year cruise

Heave away me hearties

Two Bugs kissing - Ciao from Jack and Jude

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