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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hard at work in Adelaide

Well, we got on a jet plane .... And went from a lovely flock of grandchildren and quiet river view - to a boat filled with clutter needing attention. Every sail, rope and bit of hardware that we'd packed away six months ago had to be hoisted from below and re-fitted. At the same time, all the paraphernalia brought from home had to find a storage spot. That kept us busy for the first week then we got hauled out the water!

Green beard growing on W.L.

My God! Adelaide is the driest capital in the direst country on Earth, and to welcome us back, it's temperature went crazy. From low teens overnight soaring next day to the mid-thirties!! Jumpers one day, scorched lips the next. But we kept getting on with our work. We had to. The cradle was booked for another craft and our time on dry land limited. Jack swears the best part was using the jet-blaster when clouds of mist kept him from melting.

Prop thick with soft growth

Jet blasting off the slime

A few more days and our two week working bee will be finished and Banyandah will be re-floated, allowing us to live life on the level again, instead of always rushing downhill towards the front. That'll be great. Jude has been rolling on top of Jack every night.....

This Friday we have our book launch and film night at the Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron. Should be great fun. Jack's been busy polishing the films, trying to squeeze a two year adventure into eighty minutes. He thinks the audience will not only get their money's worth, but they'll be buggered by evening's end having sailed 9000 miles around Australia in one evening!!
Fingers crossed the book launching goes well.
We've just taken delivery of our second shipment of books. The first lot is gone.

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