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Thursday, February 24, 2011


We wandered through the Recherche Archipelago, then zoomed overnight to Albany after two weeks in Esperance

The miles continue to roar past, 1,500 sailed since leaving Adelaide nine weeks ago. That's more than halfway across the huge Australian continent, and reminiscent of years gone by when we used to clock up 7 or 8,000 miles every year. This year the summer weather has been rather ordinary, being either very windy or wet, or both. We've not had many balmy days where a swim in the crystal clear waters seemed idyllic. Quite the contrary in fact. Blustery winds have made our anchorages uncomfortable, with Jude or I constantly ensuring we're not dragging our anchor. But we've had several great outings, climbed many gorgeous granite massifs and wandered through lovely heaths. But relaxing, not exactly. Been kept on our toes.

On a brighter note, in each of the major towns visited en-route we have put on a film and talk night, which have been well received by mostly full houses. Book sales of Two's a Crew keep ticking over. We just love sharing our life with so many interested folks. Young, old, boaties, armchair adventurers or lovers of nature have been attending. Its a free night's entertainment showing just how unique and diverse our Australian island continent is.

Next venue:  This Friday Night 7:30 PM at the Princess Royal Sailing Club, Albany - meals will be available

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